Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It was April 1, 2009, a big day for wealth in London.

Big day for feline thieves Feckless and Pre-Approved, too.

The streets of London went insane with G-20 protests. Anarchists, Anti-Capitalists. Proud upholders of fringe ideologies from everywhere in Europe, the United States and the developing world.

One guy, dressed as Easter Bunny, was stopped trying to enter a well-known bank.

"I've seen that costume before," said the security guard. "You're no bunny. You're a thug if I've ever seen one. Be off with ya!!"

"Bunny" walked off with his head down, ashamed of capitalism.

Feckless and Pre-Approved walked toward the bank next.

"I've seen that costume before," said the guard. "You two aren't cats. You're thugs. Be off with ya!!"

"Sir, we are cats. Real cats. If you don't believe us, give us a security pat."

Feckless and Pre-Approved stood up on their hind paws, their front paws raised, for the police search; a rare gesture of surrender and obedience for these cats. The guard ran his hand over Feckless and Pre-Approved.

"Oh, look at that. Just cats there. Go on ahead, then," said the fully-armed officer.

Feckless and Pre-Approved walked into the bank.

"Let's rip off that cash and split before the governments of the world get to it," said Pre-Approved.

"Yeah," said Feckless, trotting proudly. "At least with us ripping it off, investors will know what happened."

-- end --

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