Thursday, November 25, 2010


"What's up with this new insurance plan for America's turkeys, Feckless?" asked Pre-Approved Cat, wanted in 36 states for inside trading and financial fraud.

"Right at noon on Thanksgiving Day, I approach all the turkeys that did not get a pardon and offer them a cool life insurance plan. There are only one or two conditions," said Feckless Cat, wanted in 14 countries for money laundering.

"What requirements?" asked a confused Pre-Approved Cat.

"One, they are able to name me, Feckless the Cat, as a beneficiary in the very unlikely case they do not live to collect; two, they are residents of a USDA-approved poultry farm; three, they do not produce a birth certificate and do not try to collect until after November of 2056. No premium if they sign up today by noon, either."

"Oh, okay. Seems fair and square. Good contract, Feckless. Very humane."

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