Friday, October 16, 2009

Lie Lion Goes to Dinner in San Francisco

Lie Lion sat with his crowd of stunned admirers and fans at the Cat 'n Wealth Club on Market Street in San Francisco's Financial District.

"I love going to Masa's on Bush Street. Eating there is beyond good," said the lion.

"What could be worth those prices?" laughed Anvil the dog.

"Service, Anvil. Deer walked right up to my table after I ordered him. Mixed my Martini, too," said Lie Lion.

"Then you killed him and ate him, just like that? Right in front of everyone?" asked the incredulous Anvil.

"Sure. Chewed him up right there. Got a lot of job offers, too. Bunch of hedge fund guys there."

"Cool! Got any stock tips?" asked Anvil dog, panting big-time like the dummy dog he was and endeavored to be.

"Yes," said Lie Lion. "Open a Canadian bank account, like, yesterday," said the lion, licking his paw. "No, just kidding."


Photos of cats available for adoption from SF SPCA site September 28, 2009.

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