Thursday, June 11, 2009


"You were teasing me just last week about using the Transamerica Pyramid as a scratchpad, Pre-Approved. You said I was remembering past days, wasting time licking myself for theft of the all world's greats. But where do I find you today? At the old Pacific Coast Stock Exchange on Pine going over the old days! What's here for you? The money's fled."

"Memories of my first big swipe, Feckless; action. I was clawing cash before it was even illegal. By the time they figured I was there on the floor, they shut down the whole place," said Pre-Approved Cat, the city's most talented financial swindler.

"I know we don't need the old floor anymore," said Pre-Approved. "I just like looking at the old screens, hearing my name," said the cat. "Getting flipped off by the greats of 1997 again! They had to get through me first and they knew it!"

Pre-Approved licked his fur and stood straight again with pride.

"I heard it all on that floor. 'THE MEEK MAY INHERIT THE EARTH, BUT YOU'RE SURE PAYING THEIR INTEREST...' Ha ha ha. Who's laughing now," Pre-Approved said with a self-satisfied cat grin.

"They're gone. Who's left now? Me, me, me!! Me and You, Feckless and Pre-Approved!"

Copy and Paste this below to watch:

by lurene gisee
Nov. 2008 photo old Pacific Stock Exchange bldg., 301 Pine, SF, Wikipedia
photo of kitty for adoption by SF SPCA
Video of Pine St. trading floor of 1997 from You Tube above to copy, paste and view

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