Saturday, August 14, 2010


"I didn't know we had such a position in the Obama administration, Hot Air. Foreign Disaster Czar? What is this nonsense?" asked Pre-Approved Cat.

"I don't know, but seems like everytime countries like Afghanistan or Pakistan need fresh waves of cash, we give it to them, then a disaster or war comes along, and Pakistanis and Afghanis forget where they put the last pile of cash we threw over. We need to get things straight over there!" said Hot Air Hamster.

"So this monkey is our accountant?" said the cat in shock.

"He's qualified as the rest of 'em," said Hot Air. "Obama says if he can stand on his head, he can darned well balance those books. Obama believes in him."

"Obama? Sure he does," the cat sighed. "You should have heard him in New York yesterday. Someone said they had a 'mosque in New York to sell him,' and he actually bought it!"

"Oh, come on!" laughed Hot Air Hamster.

"I'm telling the TRUTH!" said the cat.

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