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a. Feckless the Cat: Selfish, thieving, coward cat with tattoos from animal shelter.

b. Pre-Approved Cat: Also thieving and greedy, but likes stealing just to see his victims suffer and then brag about it to Feckless and friends later.

c. Still unnamed parrot character: Has infuriating, mocking voice and stays perched where others can't catch him, usually at key scenes. Makes good jokes on other characters at key scenes.

d. Cut and Paste the Cats: Orange cats, weird tint, appear as parolees on street and like that color. They spread rumors, lies, inflated statistics, bad checks, counterfeit IDs, false allegations and libelous charges to government officials here or anywhere else. They doctor photos on the side, for fee.

e. Costume Cat: Works often with/for Cut and Paste. A tactician. uses uniforms to cross lines, get into banks, etc. Female, but can dress as anything.

f. Loan's Doo Dog: Wears banker's suit. Talks well and softly. Delicately, real New England. Makes all the dog breeding magazines. Claims he might be able to "get you in" next week if someone big dies unexpectedly.

g. Anvil the Dog: Has I.Q. of "one," if that even. Feckless finds him a useful tool, but calls him a "fellow activist" in front of other dogs. Anvil remains in crime for this reason. His child/owner was hit by car in tragic scene, which is how he got mucked-up with Feckless. Early puppyhood scenes where owners lose house in Richmond District.

h. Small Print Hamster: Good for research, finding hidden information, unpaid debts, college loans, contracts, insurance policies, embarrassing police reports.

i. Bingo Eagle: Narrates at key scenes, accurately. Loves old "Batman" 1966 angles in his descriptions, so the text has to remain on that slant.

j. Elderly Chinese Merchant: Provides alternative to Bingo Eagle's narration of story at key scenes from Chinatown.

k. No Parkin' Ant: This character or similar character not clear yet, but she has some role with one of characters or in one of pivotal scenes. Very smart, ruthless creature. Doesn't pretend to be anyone's friend when she's working, as we'll see in story. Everyone in crime gang likes her because there's nothing else she does. So single-minded that you have to pay her to steal for you in first place.

l. Pano-Squid: Is good at getting through airport security gates, hiding gold pet collars. Officials don't want to see her ID because she pretends to have lost it. Should be gross and slimy. Stinks, which is why she's rushed through lines at airport....Author Lurene Gisee lurenekathleen @ yahoo com



A group of thug pets in San Francisco, close to the needle of death by all-powerful city-pet-home, engineers a massive financial takeover of the city. Only one character can save the city from disaster and evil in end. End of story involves fight between characters downtown. Should be a lot of jokes about how easy it was to upset downtown. Their defeats/wins have to be funny.


Feckless the Cat, lead criminal cat. With his criminal friends, wants to rip off cash and stock in countries all over world;

Pre-Approved the Parrot, second-in charge, clever criminal parrot, plays tricks and performs somersaults with people’s good credit. Pre-Approved works as political/economic puppet for Feckless;

Spleen the Parrot, spiteful parrot brother of Pre-Approved who enjoys stealing from others for pure fun of it. Is competing with Pre-Approved for attention, publicity. Good-looking bird, but not as smart. People know it. Spleen wants films of himself on news programs stealing watches and sandwiches from diners;

Costume Cat, wears disguises and various occupations/uniforms to unlock areas and situations that should be safe against crime;

Cut Cat, finds newspaper and advertisement headlines from every year, with photos, breaks them up, and cuts them out for her husband, Paste;

Paste Cat, Cut’s husband, who works with Cut in constructing false rumors, cites them for his own purposes in financial crime. He is good speller and marketer with bad intentions. In reality, each cat despises the other even though they are married, have had baskets and baskets of kittens, and make a great crime duo. They even apply for loan, get approval, mate and have kittens in one scene while waiting for light to change on Montgomery St. They talk very affectionately to one another, like they’re still in love, though, to fool general public and each other;

Hot Air Hamster, chronic liar; but it’s the only job he can get on Montgomery Street;

Anvil the Dog, basic proletarian worker, quite old, makes living as “hit” dog, but grows angry and disillusioned toward end of story because he learns he’s been manipulated by Feckless;

Loan Lion, knows all the commercial tricks and sells phony investments and makes high-interest loans to desperate residents, pets and, yes, finally, story’s criminals;

Zack, African-American boy who fed the luckless dog and pairs up with Hot Air Hamster to catch the Feckless gang after the murder of his loyal life-time friend Anvil the Dog.

Various other characters, symbols and buildings/agencies, which act as comic filler.

-- lurene gisee lurenekathleen at yahoo dot com

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